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At Westbrook Law, PLLC, Justice Begins With Informed Clients

After your injury and medical care, the biggest stressor in your life is uncertainty. It is normal and understandable that you would worry about the severity of your injury, the associated costs and the necessary changes to your life.

Ben Westbrook is an attorney with a strong background in personal injury and trial law. Since establishing the firm in 2014, he has worked with hundreds of clients from across the Fort Worth area to provide strength in the courtroom and support in daily life. His commitment to his clients is a simple one: ensure they understand the legal system and what to expect from their case so that they can begin planning for their life.

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A Philosophy Of Education And Empowerment

When you work with the firm, you get access to an attorney who will answer your questions, who will ensure you know how the Texas legal system works and who will do everything in his power to fight for a favorable outcome. In short, Westbrook Law, PLLC, believes in education, access and justice.

Insurance Companies Would Rather Keep The Cash

Insurance companies will go to great lengths to avoid paying your claim. In the best cases, their initial offer will undervalue your real needs. In the worst cases, the insurance companies will use their stable of lawyers to deny your claim entirely. You need an attorney who will be tenacious and unrelenting to advocate for you. Attorney Westbrook is a fierce trial lawyer who sees through their tactics.

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