Brian White recently published a study showing the most dangerous intersections in Texas using data from the Texas Department of Transportation (W. Sam Houston Parkway and Bissonet Street in Houston, Texas led the list with 335 crashes, if you are curious). 

For purposes of the of the study, an intersection related traffic crash was defined as: “A traffic crash in which the first harmful event both occurs on an approach to or exit from an intersection, AND results from an activity, behavior or control related to the movement of traffic units through the intersection.

The city of Houston led the way with 82 dangerous intersections. San Antonio (36), Dallas (34), Lubbock (26), and Plano (10) rounded out the top five.

Fort Worth checks in with seven dangerous intersections. The most dangerous according to the study is by far the intersection of Henderson St and Weatherford St, which had 119 crashes between 2012 and 2015. Henderson St checks in three times in this study, suggesting that you better buckle up if you find yourself driving on that street.

The Seven Most Dangerous Intersections in Fort Worth, Texas:

  1. Henderson St and Weatherford St (119 crashes)
  2. North Freeway and Western Center Blvd (71 crashes)
  3. Bryant Irvin Rd and Southwest Blvd (64 crashes)
  4. Azle Avenue and Jim Wright Freeway (60 crashes)
  5. Belknap St and Henderson St (58 crashes)
  6. 7th St and Henderson (52 crashes)
  7. E Lancaster Ave and Riverside Dr (52 crashes)

You can read the study for yourself and play around with a cool interactive map at this link HERE.

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