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Three Common Tactics Insurance Companies Use When You Make A Claim

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2017 | Car Accidents

Insurance companies have long known that the less that they pay in claims, the more profit for its shareholders. More profit for the shareholders, means higher salaries for its leadership. That is why the insurance companies have developed tried and true strategies to use against claimants. The following is a brief overview of three of their most common tactics:


Delaying payment is the number one tactic that insurance companies use. Insurance companies know that when you make a claim, it is often after an accident that puts you in a crisis.Perhaps you totaled the car you use to get to or from work. Alternatively, maybe you have suffered personal injuries, but you cannot afford the medical treatment, or maybe a collection agency is harassing you every day over unpaid medical bills.

Whatever the circumstances, the insurance company knows it is advantageous to delay payment. By delaying payment, they are able to put you into such a desperate need for the money that you may accept a settlement worth less than what you deserved.

There are several different ways the insurance adjuster can delay paying you. One example is he may tell you that they need more medical records before he can properly evaluate the claim. Another example is he will tell you that he has to speak with his supervisors, which will take him weeks to actually get around to doing. Finally, he may stop returning your phone calls completely. This is a tactic adjusters especially like when the deadline for filing a claim is fast approaching and you have yet to hire a lawyer or file a lawsuit.

2. Disputing Your Medical Treatment.

Adjusters are NOT doctors, but that does not stop them from pretending to be when evaluating your personal injuries. Adjusters love to declare certain procedures ordered by your doctor were frivolous or unnecessary. They do this despite the fact that they have never performed a physical examination of your injuries, nor have they ever seen the inside of an actual medical school classroom.

3. Acting Like They Have Your Best Interest At Heart.

Adjusters will try to assure you that they are working with your best interest in mind, but this is usually a lie. The insurance company pays the adjuster’s salary. The insurance company makes money when the adjuster settles a claim for less than what it is worth.  What do you think gets the adjuster a more positive performance reviews?

Occasionally, the adjuster will make a quick offer of settlement, but these offers are almost always for less than what your claim is actually worth. You should be leery if the adjuster seems eager to pay out your personal injury claim. Chances are, it is because you are getting less than you deserve.

These are only three of the tactics that insurance adjusters use to avoid paying you what your claim is worth. Do not give in. If another driver injured you in a wreck or if you are trying to make a claim under your own policy and you think the insurance company is giving you the run-around, then contact a personal injury attorney today for a free claim evaluation.