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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Aren’t Lawyers Expensive?

Getting a lawyer to represent you in a personal injury claim is not expensive. In fact, most personal injury lawyers work on a Contingent Fee. A Contingent Fee agreement means that you do not pay the lawyer’s fees up front. Instead, the lawyer will take his or her fees out of whatever you recover.

Question 2: I Thought My Insurance Company Would Handle Everything For Me?

You cannot rely on your insurance company to always do what is in your best interest. As a matter of fact, if an underinsured or uninsured driver hits you, then your interests conflict with your insurance company’s interest. This is because your insurance company’s primary goal is to make money for its shareholder, and not to do what is best for you. To this end, insurance companies figured out that they can make more money by paying out less to their policy holders. They have many tricks for paying out less or no money on legitimate claims. This is why it is important to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to handle your claim. An experienced personal injury lawyer is going to hold the insurance company accountable and make it pay what your claim is worth.

Question 3: The Insurance Company Denied My Claim. Now What?

The insurance company does not get the final word on whether or not it has to pay your claim.  A jury does. It is important that you hire an experienced lawyer who will file your lawsuit and represent you all the way through the trial if necessary.

Question 4: Do I Have to Go to All of My Doctor’s Appointments?

The insurance adjusters and lawyers will use it against you if you do not attend all the prescribed therapy sessions. Remember, the insurance company’s adjusters and attorneys will read and review all of your medical records. The doctors will document every session you miss as well as everything you tell them. If there is information in the records that makes it look like you are exaggerating the severity of your injuries, then you can bet it will be found by the insurance company and used against you. Therefore, it is important you attend all your sessions.

Question 5: How Much is My Case Worth?

The answer to this question relies on many factors. For that reason, nobody can accurately answer this question without knowing all the details of your case. Run away from any lawyer that tells you that they know how much your case is worth at the initial consultation. For more on case valuation, check out our free car wreck report HERE.