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Fearless Personal Injury Advocacy On Your Side

It is an everyday occurrence: Someone who should know better creates a dangerous situation, either recklessness, carelessness or indifference. Actually, its a more than ‘everyday’ occurrence, with car accidents alone, in recent years someone is injured on Texas streets and highways about every two minutes* and someone dies every two and a half hours.

Injuries resulting from these accidents can be catastrophic and often are deadly. Whether the injuries come from a car crash, a defective product or by some other means, the law can be a vehicle for justice and financial support throughout recovery.

Attorney Ben Westbrook fights aggressively for Texans who have been injured and boasts a long record of successful advocacy, both in negotiations and trial. Westbrook Law, PLLC, makes a difference in the lives of Fort Worth’s injured: 817-523-1232.

Compensation For A Personal Injury Claim

A personal injury settlement pays for more than just medical bills; they often include compensation for lost work, pain and suffering, and other expenses. In deadly circumstances, a personal injury claim can provide for the lost earnings and funeral expenses. Attorney Westbrook understands the full range of your medical and financial needs in cases like:

  • Road accidents, including multicar pileups, truck wrecks and highway accidents
  • Injuries to people during recreation, such as injuries on walks or bike accidents
  • Dangerous property conditions, like broken sidewalks or dilapidated stairwells

Insurance companies have a lot of power in the system. Ultimately, they have the money to pay claims. Because they can afford quick action and as many lawyers as they need, your attorney needs to be fast-acting and aggressive if you are going to succeed in your claim.

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*Texas Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash Facts Calendar Year 2019